Friday, October 16, 2009

Piano Man Trill

Oooo, I love dat piana music!!
    It trills me so!
I just love dat piana music,
    cause it trills me dat way.
I gotta find dat man
    Who plays the piana
      gotta find him today!

Ooooh, I gotta get outta dis box!
    Gotta climb, push push
I gotta find dat piana man
    Today! I’m in a rush!
Gonna climb up outta dis box
      and find dat hot piana man!

It ain’t as easy as I thought
    gettin’ outta dis ole heavy box
It ain’t as easy as I thought
    specially wid da rockin’ box
I’m gonna have da blues
      If I can’t find dat man I want!

Oooh, looka me now, bare legs
    I better scramble ‘round and dress
Oooh, nuthin’ but panties have I got on
    better find me a dress to wear
I’m gonna have da blues
      if I can’t win dat man I want!

Oooh, I love dat piana music
    don’t care if it play loud or soft
Ooooh, I LOVE dat piana music
    makes me feel sassy and soft
I gotta find dat piana man soon
      and he better not refuse.

I got some new hair,   it was so thin --
    been in that box so long
And some lipstick too, nice and red
    Red hair and a green dress?
How could I go wrong
      Gettin’ in Piana Man’s head?

Oooh, how I vamped dat piana man,
    made him like me n’ awful lot.
I danced all ‘round dat piana man,
    and he acted like he was besot.
One time my legs ran outta juice
      ooh, he rubbed ‘em wid his hand

Ooh, but dat piana man was playein’ me
    he played me for a fool.
He played da piana for me fine
    ‘n twirled me lakka piana stool.
I fell for him hard, but I was soft
      dat man must think I’m blind.

He took me out to dinner,
    It was a very ‘spensive place
I got all dressed up in red
    And all he did was make a face
He made awful wid me
      Oh you shoulda heard the things he said!

Den when dinner was all over
    and our napkins was all soiled
Dat’s when he told me about his new girl
    only she was his before. It spoiled
The nicest thing he’s did for me!
      Oooh, den dat man ran off with a Belle

But I’m gettin’ over dat piana man,
    I lissen to saxaphone now,
Or gimme a guitar to lissen to
    I ain’t taking no 88s again
Dat piana man played MY keys ‘n chords
      Da verry las’ time. Dat’s true!

Oh, I gotta admit da real truf,
    I still got a high note for dat man,
But I’m learnin’ to get along widdout him
    Just see if I don’t! Oooh,
But I love dat piana music
      an’ it still trills me like it did.