Wednesday, April 29, 2009

    Loco Motive Past Relay

Rocks tumbling, rails streaming far ahead
    'round the bend, and over a trestle;
I'm walkin' the ties to Tennessee
    'just seven hundred eighty-two miles.
Rails rumblin', better jump off the tracks. Quick!
Feet stumblin' on those chunky rocks; but...
Got to walk the ties to Tennessee.

Spikes broken, rails gleaming, I'm leanin' forward
    'round another bend, past the high trestle;
Been walkin long miles to Tennessee.
    What I thought he said don't mean nothin' now.
Whistle blowin', better turn 'round and look.
Feet slowin' on these dang'rous rocks; I just
Gotta keep walkin' toward Tennessee.

Creosote smellin', rails stayin' apart;
    looks like they will meet a mile ahead,
But get there and they're still separated.
    Don't know what the hell I'm doin'.
Cold rails polished hot by turnin' wheels;
I can't turn around so I just keep goin'--
Gotta try to get to Tennessee.

Fox barkin', rails trailin' behind like anchors --
    no bends, and no trestles anymore,
Chasin' footsteps long gone to Tennessee.
    Don't know why I'm going. Naw, I don't.
Moon hidden, wind rising, can't hear worth a damn.
Rails been ridden a hundred times over
Since he said "I'm walkin' out, back to Tennessee."

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